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Hello! My name is Lynda Jaye (formerly James).
I live in Perth, Western Australia.

For over 30 years now I have been travelling the road which was once 'less travelled' but is becoming more populated by the day.

My journey into remembering my true spiritual purpose commenced in my thirties as I sensed somewhere other than Earth to be my real 'home'.

I felt compelled to remember where this was, who I really am and why I chose to come into another lifetime experience.

This intense longing led me to leave a secure and safe life, beginning an adventure I instictively knew I would share with others, especially those I love most, when the time was right.

My journey into this physical body has entailed separating who I really am from the roles I play in human form where I experience myself as a daughter, sister, wife (well, not anymore - but that was a very important part of my journey), mother, aunt, grandmother, to name a few.

However, above and beyond all, I am a Spiritual Being.

This body I am currently wearing is the garment my Soul has chosen to experience physicality in 3D reality - for a time.

In learning how to expand my awareness, I have discovered many long-forgotten aspects of my Soul and exerienced my Being on a multitude of levels. This process has enabled me to attain peace and harmony within through personal and spiritual growth and healing.

In this lifetime I have chosen to begin remembering and re-integrating all the aspects (or fragments) of my Soul into one complete Angelic Being.

Now I'd like to share my experiences and some of the tools I've learned along the way in the hope that your journey into remembering who you are will become a little easier.

I'd like to stress, at this point, it is not my intention to convert anyone to my way of thinking or to infer my beliefs are right for everyone.

We are each entitled to live and believe as we choose and create the reality that best serves our purpose.

We can never assume to know what is right for someone else.

As I have progressed from an initial state of constant stress and depression, through much needed growth and healing I have developed a system to create peace, balance and harmony in my life that works for me. This is what I intend to share.

Your responsibility is to read my words with discernment,if you so choose, taking only that which sits well with you to use as you will.

I make no recommendations as I share my story and the tools I have used to good effect, knowing I am responsible only for my choices.

You are responsible for yours.

That being said, if my words touch you in some way, I hope this site fosters your growth and healing as keys begin to turn in rusty 'memory' locks, opening doors we gently closed eons ago.

I have chosen THE QUIET SPACE BETWEEN as the name for this website because it best expresses the most powerful tool I have discovered over the years - the importance of setting aside quiet time to simply sit in the stillness, breathe and BE.

And it has been there all the time, waiting patiently for me to remember how simple it all can be!

...I've learned that people will forget what you said and what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel...Maya Angelou