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The Conscious Breath...
...the perfect tool for all occasions.

The first thing we did as we emerged from our mother's womb was take a breath. The very last thing we will ever do as we leave our body behind is release that last breath. Every moment of every day in between arriving and departing, we breathe. It is the one thing our body cannot do without and requires constantly. And it is our greatest tool!

We affirm with each Conscious Breath our choice to be alive as we breathe life, health and vitality into each cell and every layer of our energy bodies; everything begins to flow to us and around us more easily. These exercises help ground and centre us and our energy bodies. The more we repeat this exercise, the stronger the energy becomes.

I invite you to play with the following exercises any time you have a chance to stop for a few moments - while having a cup of tea, caught at a red traffic light, or during the ads on TV - to discover for yourself just how much difference the Conscious Breath can make to your day.


Try doing these exercises if your energy feels scattered, you're running in overdrive or simply need to slow down. They can be done anywhere, anytime, whenever you have a few spare moments to focus on your breath.
It is best to be sitting with feet flat on the ground for these exercises.
Remember to keep the breath slow, gentle and deep - don't force it - and allow your body to slowly relax as you breathe out...


When we are stressed, all our energy is gathered in our head. Very often, we are not aware of, or present in, our body at all. We are certainly any place but in the NOW moment.
We can be caught up in feeling guilty about the past and anxious about the future.

By creating a quiet space between the past and the future, breathing into this NOW moment, our body and mind learns to relax, so we begin to hear the messages our body and intuition are sending us all the time.

This breathing exercise requires you to use your imagination as you breathe up from 'the centre of the Earth' and out into 'the centre of the universe'. Don't get too caught up in the details because the important thing is that you are stepping out of your head and into your body which will enable you to create balance and harmony within.

The Exercise
Try to keep each breath steady, deep but gentle.
Don't force it, simply allow it to flow.

1. Breathe in - up from the centre of the Earth,
through your feet, legs, pelvis to your heart.
2. Breathe out - from your heart, through your shoulders,
top of the head and into the centre of the Universe.
3. Breathe in - from the centre of the Universe,
through your head to your heart.
4. Breathe out - from your heart, through the pelvis,
legs and feet to the centre of the Earth.

Repeat this exercise once a day for 10 minutes, and for a short time whenever you feel stressed or anxious,allowing your body to relax a little bit more every time you breathe out.


When we are born, we take our first breath in. As we finally step out of our body and back into spirit, we let that final breath out.

Breathing is the one thing we can never stop doing while we remain on Earth, in this body.

Most of the time, we don't think about it at all and our breathing tends to be quite shallow, especially in times of stress and anxiety.

But when we choose to breathe consciously, deeply and with awareness, we can:-
~ Increase the blood flow to every area of our body esp the brain, creating better health,
~ Release all we no longer need, esp toxins-both from the environment and our mind,
~ Learn to read the signals our body sends us all the time-but which we seldom notice,
~ Learn to hear and take heed of our intuition and so make wiser choices,
~ Maintain a state of calmness, balance and harmony on all levels-physical, emotional, mental and spiritual-to enhance well-being.

The Exercise
Try to keep each breath steady, deep but gentle.
Don't force it, simply allow it to flow.

1. Hands on belly -
- breathe in, fill and expand belly
- breathe out, collapse and relax belly.
Repeat three times

2. Hands on diaphragm -
- breathe in, fill and expand the diaphram
- breathe out, collapse and relax
Repeat three times

3. Hands on upper chest -
- breathe in, fill and expand the upper chest
- breathe out, collapse and relax
Repeat three times

4. Breathe in...
- fill and expand as you go...

5. Breathe out...
- let go, collapse and relax the entire body.

Repeat 4 & 5 until you feel completely relaxed.