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Practical things to do....
...to create peace and harmony within.

The aim of this page is to provide you with a few practical tools to use if you would like to begin to change some old, disharmonious patterns. Please feel free to take whatever attracts you and discard whatever doesn't.

Life is about the choices we make every minute of every day. We create peace or drama, moment by moment, choice by choice. We can feel like a victim who is powerless to change the things that were making us unhappy or we can take responsibility for our creations and change what doesn't serve us.

The choices that create our victim/drama issues and situations are often made unconsciously, the product of old conditioning and beliefs echoing from generations past.

Drama can be quite addictive simply because it makes us feel so alive and - who knows? - being peaceful might be boring.

It's only as we allow ourselves to replace constant stress and drama with a little inner peace and tranquility that we discover
this is a wonderful way to BE and not in the least boring!

Here's what worked for me...

CHOICE OF FOCUS: Drama or Peace?

The Law of Attraction states that whatever we choose to focus on, we attract to us...........

The ENERGY of our FOCUS acts like a magnet.

Whatever we put out energetically, comes back-magnified many times over.

If we choose to focus on positive outcomes, we will attract positive people, situations and experiences.

If we choose to focus on negative experiences and outcomes, we create more of the same as the Law of Attraction supports our choice.

Negative focus reinforces the DRAMA in our lives.

Positive focus creates PEACE.

Where do I choose to place my focus?
Do I choose DRAMA or do I choose PEACE?

The Exercise
Every time an opportunity for drama and stress arises, we have a choice -
to react in a negative manner
or respond with positive energy.

To initiate change and positive growth, every time something pushes your buttons and you feel yourself beginning to react - STOP!

1. Hold out your LEFT hand and say -
...and see, feel, hear the developing drama
you are holding in the palm of your hand.

2. Hold out your RIGHT hand and say -
see, feel, hear the new potential developing
on the palm of THIS hand.

3. Ask yourself - WHICH DO I WANT?.........

4. As you state clearly - I CHOOSE PEACE,
bring both palms together, then turn them
towards your chest to rest over your heart.........

5. Breathe in the PEACE you have chosen to create, allowing it to expand, filling your whole body and your surroundings.

In this exercise, you can change DRAMA to fear, anger, pain or whatever fits, and PEACE can become love, compassion, harmony or whatever you most wish to create.

It's also essential to repeat this exercise daily for several weeks to help implement the changes and seal them in permanently.


Whenever we react to another person'sactions or words, our reaction(ie anger, judgment, disgust, hurt)is a signal that something in our own lifeis out of balance and needs tobe addressed to create harmony within.

The other person is only a mirror, reflecting our own issue back to us, making it visible when we may not have previously recognised the pattern.

As soon as we take ownership of the issue and we become clear on what needs to heal within us, we no longer react or sit in judgment of the other person, their beliefs or actions.

With ownership of the issue comes clarity, personal power, balance, harmony and inner peace which begins to flow out and touch those around us.

The Exercise:
Sit quietly, breathing gently & deeply into your belly for a few moments.
Allow your energy to settle and relax.

Then remember an incident or a person who has pushed your buttons in some way recently - eg you may have felt angry, hurt or frustrated, or maybe you judged their actions or beliefs.

What was it you think they did wrong? What should they have been doing instead, in your eyes?

The 'should' is the giveaway!
This is what your Soul wants you to recognise and heal within you.

It's what YOU should be doing for yourself.

You know the message has been received and understood when you begin to view the other person with compassion and acceptance rather than judgment.

Gratitude & the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that whatever we focus on, we create. Holding our attention on peace and tranquility will create more of the same. Focusing on and continually jumping into drama will create more 'victim' energy and stress in our lives as we feel powerless to change our circumstances. These we may not be in a position to change at that point, but we can always choose to change how we feel. In doing so, the trying circumstances may even begin to alter as the energy shifts, moves and flows in a new direction.

Using the Conscious Breath and day-dreaming (with your focus soft rather than intense) about the reality we would most like to create begins to build and draw it into our reality if we choose to breathe it in.

We can also use our breath to release anxiety, stress etc as we breathe out, then breathe in peace, tranquility and contentment - which almost sounds too simple but is, in fact, very effective if a quiet space is set aside each day to simply breathe deeply for a short period of time.

The most simple yet powerful way to create more of what we like is to feel and express gratitude for all the people, situations and things we appreciate in our life right now.

An Attitude of Graditude can create a powerful shift in energy, even enabling people involved in a conflict to see things differently, creating an opportunity for peace to enter through a once-shut doorway. It acts like a magnet to attract more of whatever you like in your life.

Be aware that focusing too intently on an issue will push it away rather than bring it towards you. Allow your thoughts to be gentle; breathe deeply but softly, feel gratitude for the person or situation, bless it and let it go. Once a day is more than enough to repeat this exercise.

Similarly, the Law of Attraction states that:-
- whatever we put out comes back to us, magnified,
- what goes around, comes around,
- and we shall be treated as we treat others.
All very simple premises, but very effective, nonetheless, and good to remember from time to time when choosing to create peace and harmony.

'My Space' Bubble

To create your own personal safe/tranquil space, you might like to try using a very simple tool - the Breath. Begin by breathing gently into your belly area while placing your focus on peace, tranquility and whatever else you desire in the space surrounding you. Then as you breathe, allow peace and tranquility to fall into your body, slowly sinking into the cells of your body, then into the space between the cells.

Once you have done this, remind yourself that nothing comes into this space which surrounds and fills you unless you invite it in. Spend a little time choosing things to create, then breathe them in gently, allowing them to flow around you and through you. It's helpful to use all your senses during this exercise; see, hear, smell, taste and touch it as you create.

It's a good idea to include the thought 'I choose to gently release all that no longer serves me' as you breathe out. Invite in only that which supports you, affirming everything else will simply bounce right off the bubble or flow through it without touching you.

Remember - you can only choose for yourself. You are responsible only for you as all others are responsible for themselves. However, the peaceful, tranquil reality you create, if you choose to, will ripple out to touch all those around you, showing them they have a choice also.

The Short Wall

Choosing to react in a fiery situation often invites a reaction back; choosing rather to respond calmly (once we've taken responsibility for our own issues - see below) with understanding and compassion invites in a response from the other person.

A reactive situation of conflict is like a ping-pong game with the flaming ball flying rapidly to and fro between the players. Either person can stop the game very effectively simply by choosing to put the ball down and step back.

Taking a step from reaction to response is as simple as stepping behind a short wall. We can construct this wall in our mind and mentally step behind it, allowing the conflict to remain on the other side. This takes us out of the emotion and into balance and harmony. From here we are better able find a way to resolve the issue.

For more information on The Short Wall, please go to The Crimson Circle - Other Channels - The Creator Series - Lesson 1

It's helpful, I have found, to be aware that whenever we react to something another person does or says, we are being shown the reflection of a pattern within us that needs our attention.

To react means we either judge or blame someone else for actions that make us feel victimised in some way. Or perhaps we feel they are victimising someone else - it's all the same thing.

The signal that we are reacting often comes with feelings of anger, frustration, impatience or any other negative emotion
we may be directing towards someone else. This is an indication that we are not taking responsibility for the issues within us that our Soul Self would like us to heal.

So how do we work out what is ours to heal? We ask ourself what it is we want the other to do more or less of so it stops bugging us.
What exactly is it that is pushing our buttons?

While I was once complaining angrily to a friend about all the 'dreadful' things another person in my life was doing, she said 'Stop! Get a pen and write down everything this person is doing wrong in your eyes - then own it!' I didn't even have to write anything down as the penny dropped instantly and I understood the issues were my own. Ouch!! As I took responsibility, the intensity I'd been feeling evaporated and the issues no longer concerned me.

Whatever we are reacting to in the other person is the key to the issue we need to deal with within ourself. Once we recognise it, take responsibility, alter, heal or deal with the pattern within ourselves, our buttons can't be pushed as we no longer need the trigger. Instead, we are able to respond with compassion and understanding which creates much welcomed balance and harmony once more.

I know this can be quite confronting as we begin to understand the power of reflections, but I invite you to just imagine for a moment - if every single person on the planet took responsibility for their thoughts, feelings and actions without trying to judge or blame anyone else, what would happen?

Everything would change, wouldn't it? There would be no conflict!

We can assist the creation of peace on Earth most powerfully by creating peace within ourselves, knowing that as we do so, it will ripple out to touch those around us in a most profound way, spreading like a blanket of tranquility over stormy waters to touch the hearts of all those ready to step into the new way of being.

And wouldn't that be something? Let the breathing begin!


And at this point, I would like to say thank you to you for taking the time to read this page! I hope you've discovered something to help make your life a little easier with a growing understanding of how, as peace begins inside your own being, the warm glow can touch everyone you meet, every day, in every way.
Many blessings!

...One of the most calming & powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it...
Clarissa Pinkola Estes