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NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Sessions...
What to expect in a session...

During a NeurOptimal® session, wear two tiny sensors on your head and ear clip sensors on your ears that simply record your brain waves (ie Beta - Alpha - Theta - Delta waves).

In a calm, peaceful setting, you sit in a comfortable chair and listen to music through head phones while watching a never-ending fractal image, or a movie, on a monitor.

The music and images respond to your brainwaves as unproductive brain patterns create brief interruptions in the visual display or music (you'll hear scratches).These interruptions signal the brain to self-correct into a more natural, relaxed and effective pattern.

NeurOptimal gives feedback to the brain. Fundamentally NeurOptimal® is saying to your Brain -:-
'you just did that...
...you just did it again...
...you just did it again'...

This feedback occurs microsecond to microsecond. Your brain very quickly associates these interruptions with the turbulence events that trigger them and begins to stabilise processing activity. Then it self-adjusts.

So basically, NeurOptimal helps the brain recognise inner turbulence, distress, anything that stops it functioning at an optimal level - so it can let these old patterns go, easily and gently.

During the session, the sophisticated programme includes 3-4 different periods of training, called Zen:-
~ ZEN 1 - warm up
~ ZEN 2 - releasing and letting go of old stuff
~ ZEN 3 - forging new pathways
(excluded in sessions 1&2 as the brain gets used to the new activity)
~ ZEN 4 - period of integration.

After a session, you feel refreshed, relaxed and in a higher state of mind alertness and flow.

Changes often become apparent from one to four sessions, with continued improvements up to 12 sessions (or more, if required) as the brain and central nervous system continue to re-balance and learn / remember how to stay that way.

The changes may be noticeable, or may be more subtle - and may not be in the area you anticipate as the brain and central nervous system have their own agenda and priority in reaching and maintaining optimal balance on every level of your being.

Session Fees:-
... the very best investment you could possibly make to better health and wellbeing!

Contact Lynda in BASSENDEAN 6054 WA:

Home Phone: 08 6278.1901
Mobile: 0417927365

Email Lynda here

Disclaimer: Please be aware that NeurOptimal® Feedback is not recommended to replace any current medical treatment you are currently undertaking or medication your doctor has prescribed. Please check with your medical practitioner if you are unsure of compatibility.