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NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback Testimonials...
I gratefully acknowledge everyone who has shared their experiences on this page - love and blessings to you all!

I started Neuroptimal with Lynda as a self experiment and an introduction to neurofeedback to help with a few brain functioning problems from the side effects of ADD medication and antidepressants.
I was pleasantly surprised of the subtle changes I was feeling after a couple of sessions and how calm I was feeling.
I was able to better handle everyday stress and my resistance to busy life pressure got better.
I also had a problem with mental energy and being able to hold a conversation was very draining. After my fifth session, I had the ability to talk with a profound enthusiasm and hold on to the momentum of what used to be a tiring chinwag.
I also felt my feelings of compassion and empathy brightened and I cared a lot more about helping people and taking on some of their problems. This is a big thing for me as antidepressants took away my empathy for others and gave me a sense of numbness.
I have to say, neuroptimal works quite well and you have to allow the changes it makes, grow. Take these subtle changes and nuture them with a happy expression.
Two of my sons also came for neuro sessions. Both are now a lot calmer, cope better with stress and show better rational behaviour.
Lynda is wonderful person with a beautiful personality. I personally recommend Lynda for your Neuroptimal journey, to make you feel welcome and comfortable.
All the best! Danny, Seville Grove

I heard about Neuroptimal through a friend. I wanted my mind to be more silent, my thoughts less busy. After a few sessions, I became aware of my thoughts and I was less anxious. Things that bothered me before didn't any more. I am a calmer, happier, carefree person now.:) I love it!
NeurOptimal has improved my relationships as I am more aware of my thoughts, especially the negative ones. Now I can observe them when they happen. This has helped at work too, as things that bothered me in the past don't anymore. (Name witheld)

NeurOptimal is a sensational treatment. After 4 sessions, I am completely relaxed, feel mentally strong and have remained positive and focused. (Name witheld)

A family member recommended I try Neurofeedback after her friend achieved significant results from "brain training". I suffered depression, burnout and panic attacks and was willing to try anything to improve my mental health so I decided to "give it a go".
I must admit that I had unbelievable improvement in sleep patterns, clarity of thought processes and generally being able to remain positive.
I would have no hesitation in recommending "neuro" to anyone who wants to improve their quality of life.
Karen Hills Perth

My name is Lisa and I would like to let people know, how much clarity of mind I know have, using Neuro Balance! I feel more relaxed and more focused in my mind, not as much annoying chatter in my head. It has taken me to a peaceful place. I've had 5 sessions and have really felt the difference. Thank you for your help and support in reaching this place of peace.
Lisa Perth

I made an appointment for a NeurOptimal session, to help me with stress and learning challenges. I was a full time mature age student, studying and working a few night shifts.
I arrived at a couple of sessions, with severe asthma stress. What a relief as the NeurOptimal settled my breathing into a state of deep relaxation.
Over a period of nine sessions, the improvements were obvious and other changes were revealed over time. I suffered deeply from the emotional and financial losses of a relationship some years ago that wouldn't heal, after the fourth session I realized those thoughts weren't occupying in my mind. How wonderful.
My hearing also improved. I wear hearing aids and after the 4th or 5th session I asked for the volume to be turned down. I was really surprised because in the beginning, I couldn't hear any 'glitchs' in the sound recording at all.
Then another breakthrough… I use a computer nearly every day as a student, at home and for work, but always under duress. Then one day something switched in my brain … I got it! I understood the computer or I released the fear around the computer, I was so excited.
Thanks to NeurOptimal:-
~ I have calmed down,
~ I have space to breath,
~ I can hear better,
~ I let go of my fear of the computer,
~ My learning ability improved,
~ I received excellent results from my studies,
~ I gained more peace about on old relationship,
~ My self-esteem has grown,
~ I am happy and fulfilled with my new life choices.
The best 'hook-up' I've ever had. Thank you!
Kathryn Southern Suburbs Perth

Recently after a very stressful time I found myself in a deep depressive state. Over the years I have experienced this pattern of behaviour and have had different types of counselling that have assisted me in that moment, but not changed my pattern of anxiety which builds and leads to a yet another deep depression.
Then I discovered eurofeedback – I was rather sceptical but thought oh well “whatever” at least I get to have a ˝ hour of meditation and that is always helpful.
This form of brain training is so very effective in a gentle way that is surprising. After few initial session I found the effect of each session was more immediate and I could recognise the changes in my sleep pattern, food intake (would you believe just one of those surprising results for me with this training, an ability to lessen my need for fatty and not so good for me food! – hence I now weight 10 kilo less than when I commenced this training!!) and my overall attitude to work and life in general.
I am now able to ‘let things go”, I do not have to be involved or feel responsible for every little thing in my workplace, I can set boundaries around my job role. So not only is my anxiety gone I have become a more effective worker and can enjoy my job again. My mind is clearer, I can look at problems and see multiple solutions – I am a calmer, more focused and nicer person – I even like myself :-) Love this training!!
Robin Perth

When I was first introduced to Neuro, I was skeptical like most, but willing to give it a go. I wanted to have 6 regular sessions to begin, to give it a good chance, and more if I felt the need. My main goal was to gain better stress management.I definitely noticed a change after the second and third Neuro, a calmer feeling within myself and a few weeks after my sixth session I found that I'm not only calmer, but more rational with decision making, and much better with dealing with stress.
I've since taken my grandmother who suffers from arthritic pain and discomfort and she noticed positive changes to her health also. I would definately recommend this treatment to anyone.
Sylvie Northern Suburbs Perth.

I initially tried neuro to try and help reduce my "worrying". For a long time I felt that for me to be really relaxed and stress-free, everything in life needed to be "running smoothly".
The problem with that way of thinking is that life has a beautiful way of throwing obstacles onto a smooth path. So I felt like I was riding an emotional roller coaster.
Meditation, bush walks, horse riding, naturopathic tonics and reading, have all helped at some level to reduce stress.
However the results that I have achieved from neuro are quite extraordinary. I just don't seem to be stressing over things the same way as I used to. I sleep so much better. I wake feeling relaxed and peaceful. When things don't " go smoothly" I seem to not be so hung up about it. I feel more present and less distracted by worrying thoughts about the "what-if's".
My time with friends and love ones feels more of quality time. I seem to be more aware of beautiful things happening around me in the world.
Jo Perth.

After suffering from severe back pain for many years, I was used to not having a good night's sleep. Following surgery on my back, I was recovering well but could not change my sleeping habits. I have tried many ways to break the cycle but to no avail.
I started having treatment with neurofeedback and was amazed that my second session my sleep patterns improved. By the 6th session I had broken the cycle and was sleeping through the night.
Through having a good night's sleep my healing and recovery from surgery were greatly improved. I would highly recommend this treatment to others suffering from a similar situation.
Joanne Perth

I began having Neurofeedback firstly to assist in dealing with a relationship breakdown. Since then Neuro has also helped me with the following -
~ Understanding myself better and allowing my inner voice the opportunity to forgive myself for the guilt I have lived with all these years.
~ Ability to assess situations clearer and act in a more positive nature.
~ Deal with friendships and relationships without always being hurt or expecting too much.
~ Understanding that I am allowed to make mistakes as others are also and the ability to forgive especially myself.
~ Able to understand others and ability to handle situations openly, honestly and respectfully.
I am a work in progress but know I am a feeling much happier in myself and have more friends and family wanting to be round me than ever before.
Steve Perth

I had some Neuro sessions at the start of the year & before Neuro I had some anger management issues. I would snap at people who annoyed me.
After the first few session I noticed that I was thinking about my response. The best way I can describe it is each time I went to get angry, something in my brain would click, kind of like the old rubber band on the wrist thing,and I wouldn't get angry - I would rise above it and move on.
I also experienced a large reduction in the pain in my back and neck I went from using chilli heat patches every night to ease the pain in my back to not needing them at all.
I would recommend giving Neuro a try.
Nick Perth